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Passengers on Aer Lingus Flight E1 931 “took out their phones to make calls” during a bumpy flight to Belfast amid Storm Brendan. The flight departed London Heathrow and was diverted to Belfast International Airport as they battled high winds due to the storm.

Dwaine Vance, a passenger on board, took to social media to share details of “the scary flight.”

In a Facebook post, Mr Vance said: “I have been a passenger on planes for many years, and I’m used to the occasional windy day and bumpy ride during flights.

“Traveled from Heathrow to Belfast and after two failed attempts at landing at City Airport we have reached Aldergrove airport.”

Mr Vance praised the talent and skills of the Aer Lingus pilot, calling the landing “nothing short of miraculous.”

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“The aircraft landed safely at 12:52 and guests were provided surface transport back to Belfast City Airport. Aer Lingus apologises for the inconvenience to guests.”

Britain has been battered by Storm Brendan, resulting in flights grounded, ferries cancelled and trees downed.

Met Office’s Helen Roberts said: “Brendan has been a particularly powerful storm.

“The whole of the western side of the UK was included in the warning area but the West of Scotland has borne the brunt of the highest winds.”

There were also 60 continuing flood alerts covering the Midlands and southern England.

Rain is expected to move eastwards across the country on Thursday, which is likely to be heaviest in the West, followed by showers.

Frost could return on Thursday night as temperatures dip. By Friday, daytime temperatures are forecast to plunge to a maximum of 9C (48F) in the South by day and 6-7C in northern areas.

The settled weather is set to last into next week bringing the chance of frosts, the Met Office added.

Aer Lingus has been approached for comment.

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