Nigel Farage exposes London plot to ‘frustrate’ Brexit celebrations - 'I'm not giving up!' | UK | News

Nigel Farage has announced that he is planning a big Brexit night party on the day the UK leaves the European Union. The Brexit Party leader needs permission from Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, in order to hold it in Parliament Square. However, he has revealed on his LBC show that London organisations have rejected his party plans in an attempt to “frustrate” the night.

He said: “I’ve not revealed this before anywhere.

“But Richard Tice, who was the boss of Leave Means Leave and my colleague, has spoke to a variety of organisations in London to ask if we could do a modest fireworks display.

“We’re not asking to do anything quite as grand as London on the River on New Year’s Eve.

“But a modest five or seven minute fireworks display as part of that celebration.”

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He continued: “We’ve been denied to use a roof of one of the Government buildings, we’ve been denied the use of the River, we’ve been denied the use of St James’ Park.

“Everywhere we go, everybody is trying to frustrate the attempt to have a public celebration of this historic moment.

“But do you know something? We’re not giving up on trying.

“We will mark this moment in history, I promise you.”

The event is subject to approval from the Greater London Assembly this week.

The party would reportedly cost £100,000 and would hope to host 10,000 people.

People are also campaigning to have Big Ben bong for Brexit to mark the occasion.

Reportedly this party may cost over £50,000 a bong.

Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice revealed to LBC that if the clock doesn’t chime, he plans to play a recording of Big Ben through huge speakers.

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