McDonald’s uses AI for ordering at drive-throughs

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Having to repeat your order at a McDonald’s drive-through may soon be a thing of the past, with the help of AI.

The fast-food chain hopes the technology will make the process hassle-free.

Rather than placing an order traditionally, voice-based technology will be used instead, removing the need for human interaction.

McDonald’s is implementing the tech with the help of start-up Apprente, which it acquired this week.

The voice-based system is being tested in a select number of North American locations already, ahead of plans to expand it across the US.

McDonald’s says the technology could soon also be used in mobile and kiosk ordering.

Concern has grown in recent years about workers whose jobs may become obsolete as a result of automation and new technologies.

Up to 20 million jobs in the manufacturing industry alone could be replaced by robots by 2030, according to analysis firm Oxford Economics.

McDonald’s added that it plans to expand its newly-formed McD Tech team by hiring more engineers and data scientists to find new ways to improve the customer experience in its 36,000-plus restaurants.

It is the latest in string of acquisitions for the company, after it invested in technology in March that will automatically alter drive-through menu panels, depending on factors such as weather and trends in the local area.

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