Labour Party leadership: Galloway mocks 'donkey derby' contest - before predicting winner | UK | News

Political commentator George Galloway dubbed the Labour leadership race a “donkey derby” and explained why he believes Sir Keir Starmer will win. During an interview with, Mr Galloway told Video News Editor Sam Stevenson the Labour Party were hoping to win with an old trick. Mr Galloway noted that of the Labour candidates, Sir Keir was the closest to the “winner” Tony Blair.

“Blair was a ‘winner’ and these fools think that trick can be repeated again and that is why they are going to pick him.”

Sir Keir is considered to be the “safe” Labour leader vote and according to bookmakers is expected to win the race.

Both candidates Lisa Nandy and Jess Philipps have argued voters should make the brave choice and vote for them for change.

While speaking at a rally in Wigan Lisa Nandy argued now was not the time for the party to play it safe.

“People around the country lost good Labour MPs and they deserved so much better, I say to you that despite all of that, now is not the time to steady the ship and play it safe.

“Because if we do not change course a Labour movement we will die and we will deserve to.

“So now is the moment to up our game and recover our sense of ambition.”

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