Cruise secrets: Staff reveal scariest and most shocking things they’ve seen on board | Cruise | Travel

In a Reddit thread, cruise ship staff revealed the most shocking events to take place at work, with thousands of workers sharing stories from fires to drunk passengers jumping overboard.

Unveiling their experience on a cruise ship, one user detailed an incident they had witnessed.

“One time I was on a cruise, and a few cabins down a man and woman who were cheating on their wife and husband, respectively, got super drunk and fell over the edge of their balcony. From really high up. It was at night too,” they said.

“The whole cruise ship stopped once it was reported and it took like an entire day to search for them. Apparently the man had his jeans or something because he had inflated them somehow and they were floating holding them.”

The user added that the duo were reportedly stung by multiple jellyfish and were freezing throughout the time they were out at sea.

“That must have been the scariest most terrible 18 hours of their lives,” they added.

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“I worked on a cruise ship for 2.5 years and we had three major fires,” they wrote.

“They were all in crew areas and were controlled and extinguished by our awesome fire team.

“The passengers never knew what happened, only that their waiter had to leave in the middle of dinner service. People don’t realise how much training the crew members go through to handle these situations!”

Another commentator revealed a gruesome story that left a child partially blind.

“The cabin stewards had to swap around rolls of paper between ‘low use’ and ‘high use’ guest cabins and it came right down the wire. None of the guests found out or realised luckily, but it got very scary for a second!”

While many of the frightening occurrences took place from within the ship, one user revealed the cruise ship they worked on was once shot at.

They said: “Somebody shot at the navigation bridge of the ship from the shore on my last ship, the bullet bounced off and hit my colleague on the hand (no real damage but it scares the hell out of her, ended up going home for a few weeks).

“While we waited for the local police to come on and investigate and take statements, guests were told we were delaying the departure to take on fresh water. I’m still shocked that it never leaked out.”

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