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Ash Sarkar was a panellist on Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine. During the programme a debate regarding whether clocks in churches should ring instead of Big Ben on January 31 to mark Brexit unfolded. A caller introduced as Peter from London backed the idea but Ms Sarkar pointed out it could leave Remainers feeling attacked. 

Peter said: “I think if we are going to look at it to save us money we should do it.

“It is a tradition in this country that we do ring the bells on very special occasions.

“If it is deemed that this is a special occasion which I think it is then I think the church bells should ring not big ben.

Ms Sarkar replied: “I have got a question, if by not ringing the bells and having people that feel very strongly about Brexit celebrating in their own way, it may make it more likely that Leave voters and Remain voters can come to a compromise and move forward into the future together outside of the EU, would you compromise on this issue of the bells?

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“Because lots of Remain voters are saying it makes them feel kind of attacked.”

Peter responded: “Yes you have always got to look for compromise, that is the way forward.”

Yesterday Liberal Democrats peer Lord Greaves slammed the Brexit process and astonishingly claimed “people are crying” as a result of the UK leaving the EU, sparking a furious reaction.

During a House of Lords debate on Tuesday Lord Greaves said: “There are many many people in this country who are not full of joy but who are full of dismay, distress, people are mourning.

“The people who are feeling it worse are those citizens of the EU who live, work and take part in our communities in every way.”

Twitter users responded with frustration at the intervention, with one user writing: “Lord Greaves said people were crying themselves to sleep at night over the country’s departure from the European Union… He’s like all Remainer Lords who cannot accept the truth!”

Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe tweeted: “What a sanctimonious idiot. Belittles the horrors millions actually went through. ‘Lord’ Greaves demonstrating that many hardcore Remainers have truly lost the plot. Luckily their ranks are decreasing! Will struggle to find a Remainer in ten years.”

But someone else agreed with Lord Greaves, saying: “I 100 percent agree with him.”

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