Boris Johnson is EMBARRASSED by Brexit says Nigel Farage | UK | News

The Brexit Party leader revealed he has put an application through Leave Means Leave to book Parliament Square for the evening of January 31 for a celebration. Mr Farage told LBC’s Nick Ferrari that Boris Johnson was elected with a mandate to ‘get Brexit done’ and should fund a show to the world that “we are ready” to leave the European Union. 

Mr Farage said: “Boris Johnson was making a joke of it – ‘Oh we’ll find some mechanism where you can put a pound in’.

“It’s almost as if the government is embarrassed by Brexit. They don’t want to celebrate the moment.

“I have put in an application through Leave Means Leave to book Parliament Square for the evening, to put up some staging, to have some singing, to have some music, to have some speeches.

“I’ve also applied to have some fireworks, which have been refused point-blank.

“Boris got elected on a massive majority on the basis of ‘Get Brexit Done’ and he can’t even bring himself as Prime Minister to say they are going to fund this to show the world we are organised and we are ready.

“I frankly think that, around the world, at that moment at 11pm, if Big Ben doesn’t strike, our country looks like a joke.”

Yesterday LBC’s Nick Ferrari called for wealthy Brexiteers to donate funds to get Big Ben to chime on Brexit day. 

The equipment inside Big Ben has been taken out and it will cost an estimated £500,000 to get everything in place for Big Ben to chime on January 31st.

Conservative MP Mark Francois, who has led the call for Big Ben to chime on Brexit day, then spoke to Nick Ferrari.

He said: “Under Article 50, we leave the European Union at 11pm GMT on that night. After all these years, for those that want to mark this moment, they are going to want to look to a clock to mark the time accurately, just as you do when you celebrate New Year’s Eve.

“It seems ludicrous to me and many of my colleagues that we are not allowed to look at Big Ben because it won’t be made to chime.

“Even though it chimes for New Year’s Eve and for Remembrance Sunday – and so it should. So what is the cost of both of those?”

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